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Welcome to the Dashboard!

The Dashboard provides a quick overview of your tests, including key metrics like test cases and assertions, run time and execution cost. The higher you move up the ranks, the more detailed the statistics become. You can also see the error rate by test or individual test case. There is also a screenshot of your current test run as it’s executing in browser.

Wring Dashboard

Wring supports two languages: English and Spanish. We're excited to build on our early language efforts and begin adding additional languages supporting the growing global community of people using and creating content.

Wring Dashboard

This is how it looks in Spanish:

Wring Dashboard

The dashboard provides important metrics such as:

  • Test Run History
  • Most Recent Tests Completed
  • Statistics on Test Heals and Suggestions
  • Runtime


You have now explored some of the basic features in the Wring UI, and how to use them. Now you are ready to explore a few advanced features and get to know how they work.

Remember, if at any point you want to reference the documentation, the link is one click away from the UI!