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Frequently Asked Questions

question 1
Do we need to learn any language or tool to start using Wringr ?
  • No , Wringr works on your existing selenium or cypress code. You don’t need to rewrite any code.
question 2
Does Wringr work only on Cloud applications?
  • Wringr can work on both cloud and on-premise applications extremely easily.
question 3
Does Wringr need any additional operating system needs ?
  • Wringr will work on Windows , Linux , Mac and on all browsers. No additional setup is required.
question 3
What is the additional overhead of using Wringr ?
  • The overhead is very low. Less that 30% of the script time. Also it helps you save lots of time on rework and maintainance of scripts.
question 4
What languages are supported ?
  • We support Selenium with Java , Javascript , Python , and Cypress
question 5
Can I use the scripts recorded using Selenium IDE?
  • Yes, Wringr lets you upload your .side scripts and will provide both suggestions and healing for the scripts.
question 6
How much time does setup take ?
  • Setting up Wringr takes less than 10 minutes. And you can see improvements almost immediately.
question 7
Can Wringr be integrated with Jira ?
  • Yes , We can integrate it with Jira and everytime we heal your scripts we will raise an issue on Jira and upload all details.
question 8
What are the benefits of using Wringr ?
  • Wringr automatically heals your testscripts and prevents it from failing. This will save you a lot of time in script maintainance. We also provide suggestions on the best locators to use in your scripts.
question 9
Who can use Wringr?
  • Anyone who has selenium test scripts can gain immense value by using Wringr.